/‘Every experience is a life lesson’ says Kannada film director Kumaar

‘Every experience is a life lesson’ says Kannada film director Kumaar

Kumaar has two films, ‘Mansion House Muthu’ and ‘Nano Narayanappa’, ready for release

Kumaar has two films, ‘Mansion House Muthu’ and ‘ Nano Narayanappa’ , ready for release

Kumaar has the ability to laugh at his fails. His debut film as a director, Flop, lived up to its name. “The film flopped at the box office too,” the director says with a laugh. He bounced back with Chemistry of Kariyappa, which found favor with the masses and the classes. His next release, Critical Keertanegalu, got a positive response. “The film did not do as well as expected. It was released in May 2022, at a time when KGF: Chapter 2 was still going strong. We withdraw the film. Every fall and rise becomes a life lesson”.

Kumaar now has two films — Mansion House Muthu and Nano Narayanappa ready for release , “We are waiting for the right time to announce a date.” Mansion House Muthu is based in Madikeri and is inspired by real life stories, according to the director. “I once met a man in a homestay in Madikeri, and he was a very interesting character. This film is inspired by him and also talks about the mud slide, the importance of nature and asks if we are responsible for the chaos in nature.”

All elements of commercial cinema have been used to get the message across, says Kumaar. Playback singer and composer Naveen Sajju makes his debut with this film, which Kumaar describes as a comic thriller.

Nano Narayanappa, the director says, is an emotionally charged film. “There is no romance or young lead actors. This film has Krishnoji Rao (he played the blind old man in KGF: Chapter 1) in the lead. We are now planning to make it a billingual.”

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