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facebook users tips do not make these mistakes while using facebook sc

facebook tips and tricks: Alikadchaya karat social media wapar mothya pramanat wadhla ahe. Friends, Relatives, Family Persons, Contact Rahanyasathi Tsech Business Approaches are coming back on social media. As a situation, many people comment on Facebook. Or the social platformer used to share the photo expressing public opinion. (facebook users tips do not make these mistakes while using facebook sc)

Ekmekanchaya photonvar comments. But such disoon aahe ki kahi vela lok facebookver (fb users) will have to face many problems like this. Many people would have to pay a lot of money that they would go bananas for khatlahi vines. Chala tar mag aam aamhi tumhala ashach kahi goshti sangu jyachi kaji gheoon you can be safe on facebook.

deferred objection post

Facebookvar kontihi post but photo share karanyapurvi ti post objection nahi nahi nahi, oh tapasa. Tumhi tumche idea ekhadya postchya madhatoon mandat asal, pan ti post objection asel kinva tyat kontyahi person, sect kinva kontyahi sansthechi statue malin karnare ase kahi lihile gele asel. You can leave in jail.

assparhar video kinwa photo

Kahi lok tyanchaya facebook accountvaroon (facebook account) convulsions photo kiwa video post kartat, j konalahi objectarh vatu shaktat. Facebook used to ban such photo videos (video ban). Tari te delete na kelyas tyanchayavar police action honyachi shakyata aste. You are the only ones who make mistakes in this situation.

Covenant : Smartphone Company Charger Pandhara Kinwa Kaya Rangachach’s creation? janoon aflatoon answer

non-factual information

Baryach Vela Lok Post (post viral) Jyamule lokanna trod hou shakto, asha situation, konatihi post karnyapurvi, then post changed but then subject changed.

uncivilized speech

Tumhi tumchya postchya madhyatun continous kontyahi person but institution chya oprat vaparat vaparat asal, tar ase kelyane tumhala turungagat paathavale sakte. Or you can do the work without the knowledge till the time of IT. You only did such a thing as soon as it took time to change itself.

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