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How Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Makes the Most of Its Previous Games

It's here that we pick up on the story in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the latest (and, we think, biggest) installment in the numbered trilogy. We begin our story on Aionios, a world that appears to be a fusion of the worlds of Bionis and Elrest from the previous two games.Duality, fusion, and eternity are all core concepts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and of course, we don't intend to spoil any of the great plot twists that await you later in the game. What is immediately clear, however, is that our two universes have merged together, but maintain an "opposite" stance to each other.This is where Monolith works its magic as soft developers. Although every game in the franchise naturally improves on previous iterations, Monolith Soft has revamped the gameplay system in a way that is dire...
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Top 10 Best Manga Adaptations of Video Games [Best Recommendations]

final thoughtsAuthor: Brett Michael OroI am a writer, gamer and reviewer of manga and light novels from Melbourne, Australia. When I'm not creating a new world, I'll be absorbed in a good JRPG, watching some anime, or reading a storm!previous articlerecommended postTop 10 tales of sports [Best Recommendations] Source link

National Games: Mirabai Chanu Pips Sanjita For Gold In Women’s 49kg Weightlifting

Olympic silver medalist Mirabai Chanu expectedly won the gold medal with a total lift of 191 kgs in the women's 49kg weightlifting competition at the 36th National Games on Friday. Mirabai, who had claimed the Commonwealth Games gold medal in Birmingham in August, walked away with the title after lifting 84kg in snatch and 107 kgs in clean & jerk. Participating in her second National Games, Mirabai revealed that she was nursing an injury in her left wrist, due to which she didn't go for her third attempts in both sections.“I recently injured my left wrist during training at NIS, Patiala, after which I made sure not to risk it further. The World Championships are coming up in December," she said.“It is a proud moment for me to represent Manipur at the National Games, and the excitemen...

Pitch-Invading Fans Face Ban From Premier League Games

Premier League clubs have agreed to give pitch-invading fans a minimum one-year ban.© AFPPremier League clubs have agreed to give pitch-invading fans a minimum one-year ban from their team's home and away matches. Supporters who are found guilty of entering the pitch without permission or using smoke bombs and other pyrotechnics will receive the automatic 12-month suspension. The bans could also be extended to accompanying parents or guardians of children who take part in such activities. In response to a rash of dangerous pitch invasions in the Premier League and lower leagues last season, England's top-flight clubs met in London on Wednesday in a bid to find a solution to the growing problem.The policy comes into effect immediately, with the next round of Premier League matches sla...