Thursday, September 29

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Another Egyptian beauty – The Hindu

South in today's deal was Egyptian star Walid el-Ahmady. We can't be sure, but we think South's four-notrump bid was natural, not Blackwood. North, who had shown nothing, probably felt he was too good to pass after South's very strong bidding.West could not lead a spade and chose to lead a heart. A club lead would have defeated the slam. El-Ahmady won the heart lead with his queen after East played the 10. South ran off all six of his diamonds, leaving this position:El-Ahmady knew the king of clubs was in the East hand from the opening bid, so he led a club to the ace. When the king fell, he continued with the queen of clubs, discarding his low heart, and East couldn't defend the position. A spade discard by East and South would just duck a spade. East discarded a heart instead, ...

Puneeth BA’s cinematic leap – The Hindu

Puneeth BA started off promoting Kannada film posters on his online platform, Poster Boy Art Studios. While he gave life to some old film posters, he gave others his own artistic take, loaded with humor and perspective. Puneeth gradually grew as an artiste, creating humorous videos, which were uploaded on his YouTube channel during the lockdowns. His Uncle Series and Manager Series were popular. Puneeth now is making his entry into the Kannada film industry. He will be seen in Adarinda, directed by KM Chaitanya (which is a part of an anthology), Narayana directed by Srikanth Kenchappa, the medical thriller O2 (where he plays a doctor), jointly directed by Raghav Nayak and Prashanth Raj, which is bankrolled by PRK Productions, and Shivaji Surathkal 2 directed by Akash Srivatsa.“The s...

Trump protection – The Hindu

South in today's deal was Marcelo Caracci, from Chile. When you are declaring a contract with barely more trumps than the opponents, you have to protect your trumps as much as possible — the opponents will try to attack your trump holding and take control from you.Caracci did well to discard a club from dummy on the opening lead rather than ruffing. Had East shifted to a club, Caracci would have had an easy time. East, however, made a good play by continuing with a low spade, attacking dummy's trumps. Caracci made another good decision when he played the six from his hand. West played the king and Caracci ruffed in dummy.A heart to the queen won the trick, and East won the jack of hearts continuation with the ace. East again attacked dummy's trumps by leading the queen of spades. ...