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[Honey’s Anime Interview] Akane Kumada
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[Honey’s Anime Interview] Akane Kumada

Akane Kumada and Honey-chan met on a hot summer day to talk about their debut album, Sekai ga Haretara!Interview with Akane Kumada Congratulations on your first album Sekai Ga Harter, Can you tell us about your feelings about this album? what does it mean to you? Thank You! This album means a lot to me!The world feels a lot more sad than it used to be. At 22, I'm not a kid anymore, but not quite an adult, so I don't know what to do, but I thought if I shared my sad feelings without hiding, there might be some people out there. Empathize with them or remember times when they felt the same way.I hope everyone who listens to this album will call themselves "Indayo" (It's OK.). I made this album in hopes that it would add a little good cheer to the world! You are credited as the...

Oscar Entry ‘Chhello Show’ director Pan Nalin on how his film edged out ‘The Kashmir Files’ and ‘RRR’: “My film gave a pleasant surprise to the jury”- Exclusive Interview | Hindi Movie News

Gujarati film 'Last Film Show' ('Chhello Show') is India's official entry to the Best International Feature Film category of the 95th Academy Awards, The announcement has surprised one and all. There was a strong undercurrent in the country that 'The Kashmir Files' or 'RRR' will make it. Pan Nalin, who has directed this Gujarati film, is best known for directing award-winning and visually striking films such as 'Samsara', 'Valley of Flowers', 'Angry Indian Goddesses' and 'Ayurveda: Art of Being'. The film stars Bhavin Rabari, Vikas Bata, Richa Meena, Bhavesh Shrimali, Dipen Raval and Rahul Koli. It is produced by Roy Kapur Films, Jugaad Motion Pictures, Monsoon Films, Chhello Show LLP and Marc Duale. ETimes got into an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Pan Nalin, a few minutes before midni...