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twitter new feature of editing tweets a feature

Tweet Editing Feature : If you come on Twitter (twitter) asal tar tumhachayasathi anandachi baatami. Cause the much awaited Twitter Edit Button has started here. According to Milaelya Mahiti, Twitter 21st Septbarpasoon Edit Tweet Button (Twitter Edit Button) Karanyachi is preparing to roll out. (twitter new feature of editing tweets a feature)

Typing and grammar done correctly Karanyasathi Twitter Vaparkarte Many Varsampasoon tweet edit Batanachi would have asked. In the meantime, Twitter has edited the team with the tweet under Lokansathi Vishishtya Release Karanyapurvi (Twitter Edit Button) or started internal testing.

Twitter ne yannya karat twitter blue subscriber commentary-tappyane edit tweet button start karanyacha aapla plan hi share banana. Twitter Blue is a subscription service, yes, you may be able to subscribe to the free articles summary and premium feature. Hi service evening only available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA.

Folk or featurecha gairwar ka kar kar karu shaktaat he pahanyasathi te jannoonbujun ek chotya gatasah edit twitchy chachani kar ashlyache twitter ne mhtle ahe. Nivenat mitle ahe ki, “O vaishishtya lokanchya twit vachanyachya, lihinyavar and guntanyachya methodology, kasa result te dekhel aamhi pahu shakto”

How does the edit tweet feature work?

Edit Tweet Feature Userslave Tweet Publish After 30 minutes, Karanyachi would have given permission in the tweet. Mhtle jaat ahe ki, or between users only five people can edit tweets. Twitter has reportedly changed the edit limit, not finalizing it and possibly changing the future. Actually capable of correcting user typos, uploading media files and adding tags to them.

Tyachbarabar asehi mhtle jaat ahe ki, o edit feature state information, non-wrap but crypto scam spreaders can be encouraged. Ashi episode rokhanyasathi twitter would have declared halfway, edited tweets marked with an icon, a timestamp and a label. User Original Post cum Ekhadya Tweetchi Complete History Pahu Shakatat.

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