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What is End to End Encryption in WhatsApp find out

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks: Aaplyala Instant Messaging App WhatsApp Discontinuity Asst. Sampoorna Jagat WhatsApp Vaparkartyanchi No. 2 Abjanchaya Pudhe Geli Aahe. In this situation, the data of WhatsApp users is safe and secure. Alikdech, the company has given online status, konalahi na sangta group sodne yasarkhe many features Regards Kelly Ahet. You may have changed more than before on WhatsApp. Or all the features individually, you can only change the end-to-end encryption. Hey you see some kind of privacy feature. How about end-to-end encryption? What are the advantages and disadvantages of knowing?

What is the End-to-End Encryption feature?

Whatsapviral Chats Encrypted MnJach Secure Discrete. End-to-end encryption means message text and message melela in person on chatdheel messages. Whatsapplahi hey chat pahata yet nahi. Yes, except end-to-end encryption feature by WhatsApp for text, videos, voice messages, documents, status updates and calls.

You have come on WhatsApp, that all messages are protected by lock. The message is unlocked, karanyasathi, whatsappya text, etc., the status of a special one. Hey feature default asoon usersna tyasathi swatantrapane konatihi setting karanyachi graj nahi.

O FEATURES Lovekarch Minar

According to WABetainfo, WhatsApp has released the “delete for me” feature on iOS. Except CREATE POLLS FEATUREWhich option miel. Tyach veli, aapan online status lapvu shakta. The Edit Message feature in WhatsApp has come to be known.

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